Fresno City Council holds special meeting to discuss housing crisis

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- During the pandemic, the Valley became an affordable landing spot for many people from out of the area.

Growing demand and a short supply of houses and rentals left many Fresno families unable to handle the price spike.

"A lot of people like me need help," Imelda Cruz said. "It's not easy to find houses and the price is too high. My husband works in the field. I clean houses or sell food."

Residents like Cruz and "Housing for All" advocates brought their concerns to city hall.

Council members heard two reports.

A "Here To Stay" report made recommendations to help people avoid displacement.

"I think the mayor and city council should really be focusing on the 'Here To Stay' report," says Leadership Counsel Policy Advocate Karla Martinez.

But Mayor Jerry Dyer presented his own plan: the $259 million "One Fresno Housing Strategy."

The One Fresno proposal seeks $102 million to build 4,695 affordable housing units and $153 million to build 2,232 affordable housing units for homeless individuals.

The plan figures 21,000 homes are needed for renters who can't afford more than $500 a month, and 7,139 homes are needed for renters who can pay up to $1,000 a month.

But some who came to the meeting say they need immediate help rather than a three-year plan.

The special session was informational only, so the city council did not vote on any specific actions today.
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