Fresno County courts stay open amid coronavirus outbreak, but some changes seep in

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno County courts tried to go about business as usual again Tuesday, but changes started to seep in even before administrators made any decisions.

People lined up outside again for the court hearings scheduled, and then crowded into courtrooms.

But none of the usual probation officers showed up for court. They telephoned in if they were needed.

And one judge started allowing attorneys to appear without their clients coming to court.

Judge David Gottlieb made the decision and also allowed some attorneys to conduct their hearings over the phone.

Court administrators met Monday and in the evening they announced they would be scaling back operations at some point, but they haven't released any details yet. They've called for a meeting with all staff late Tuesday afternoon.

Courts all over the state are scaling back operations to reduce person-to-person contact, including Tulare and Madera counties making announcements Monday.
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