Fresno County aims to help revive businesses during pandemic

Some companies have gotten grants through the city and free masks and sanitizer.
FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- The owners of the Fresno Music Academy and Arts are following the beat of their own drum.

The pandemic halted their business for some time.

After realizing they were classified as office, non-essential, they petitioned to change their status to stay open, and it was granted.

"We're doing a lot to make sure this is the safest place you can come take your children or yourself to learn music," said John Alden with Fresno Music Academy & Arts.

Inside the 4,000-square-foot building, rooms have been set up to follow health and safety guidelines so that music can play on. Some classes are on Zoom.

The Fresno business is just one of the many the Fresno County Economic Development Commission (EDC) has helped.

"We want businesses to know they're not alone, and we help them with those concerns, help them move forward whether it's funding, whether it's protocol, whether it's regarding the set up of their location-anything we can do," Andrea Reyes, vice president of business development for EDC.

They've launched a website called Revive Fresno County. Businesses can go online to find the latest regulations and how they can get help.

They can talk to people over the phone in English or Spanish.

Some companies have gotten grants through the city and free masks and sanitizer.

As for the music studio, it was started 22 years ago with big dreams that still continue today.

"This actual physical space feels like a child of mine. So much of my heart and soul and energy and effort have been put into creating this beautiful space, but what goes on here is magical," said Debi Ruud with Fresno Music Academy & Arts.

They're a small business navigating challenges during this pandemic.

Fresno Music Academy is hopeful their business will play on and hit a high note next year.

If you're interested in getting resources, the Revive Fresno County website comes in four languages English Spanish Hmong and Punjabi.
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