Bicyclist struck by vehicle in Fresno County identified, driver arrested for DUI

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A driver has been arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana after California Highway Patrol officers say she hit and killed a bicyclist in Fresno County.

It happened around 9 p.m. along South Cherry Avenue near East North Avenue.

Officers say the suspect, identified at 21-year-old Korina Machuca, was driving north in Cherry when she hit an older man on a bike.

Machuca swerved, hitting a nearby fence and spinning out off the road. Officers say she works near the area and was on her lunch break when the collision occurred.

"The officers noticed the odor of marijuana in the vehicle. She has the same odor on her person and signs of intoxication," said CHP Sgt. Leonard Sherman.

Drug recognition experts made the determination that she was possibly under the influence of marijuana. The street was poorly lit.

Officers say the cyclist, who has been identified by the Fresno County Coroner's Office as David Garcia, 69, of Fresno, was wearing dark clothing and he may have also been homeless. He died on impact.

Carlos Martinez owns the home near where it happened. His fence was left damaged.

"I thought it was a tire blowout and I came out and saw the body on the floor and sawdust everywhere," Martinez says.

Currently, there is no technology similar to a breathalyzer to detect THC content.

"We are now just dependent on a chemical test such as a blood test for testing the level of THC in the blood," says CHP Sgt. Mike Salas.

Detectives say they've seen a rise in drug-related crashes.

Last year, they only had 54 but this year they're at 141 so far.

The victim in the crash has not been identified yet.

In addition to being under the influence, detectives say the suspect's headlights may have not been properly working.

Machuca currently faces charges for DUI and vehicular manslaughter.

As for the property owner, he says he's working with his insurance but is looking at around $7,000 in damages.

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