Firefighter injured as crews battle massive flames at Reedley home

REEDLEY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Flames lit up the sky as a home was consumed by fire off of Kings Drive and Circle in Reedley.

The homeowner and his little girl made it out safely, but their three cats and two dogs were stuck inside.

After several minutes, firefighters ran out of the burning home with an unconscious dog in their arms.

"We were able to get into one of the rooms and find an animal and bring the dog out," said Reedley Fire Chief Jerry Isaak.

Firefighters tried to get Chubby the dog to respond as his owner anxiously watched from the side. They put a respirator on the pit bull mix, and finally, he started breathing.

"I was crying because we do animal rescue, so we were crying, we were worried about the animals in the house," said neighbor Charlene Hubert.

Crews rushed Chubby away from the scene, and then he was back up on all fours.

The dog's rescue was only a small triumph as flames ravaged the home.

"Things went a little bit downhill. We had power lines go down in the backyard," Chief Isaak said. "The power lines energized a gas meter. The gas meter was compromised and gas was blowing out of a gas line."

Firefighters were forced to evacuate the house and go into defensive mode.

Ammunition in the home made things even more difficult.

"It's just the brass that will explode and cause some injuries," Chief Isaak said.

Crews then had to turn their focus on one of their own. A firefighter was injured after he stepped on a Christmas tree stand that impaled his foot.

He was rushed away on a gurney as neighbors watched in shock.

"It is extremely devastating to see this happen during Christmas time and really makes you respect life a lot,"said witness Kristin Hubert.

Those living in the cul de sac are rallying together to help the father and daughter who have lost everything.

Firefighters say the cause may be electrical, and police are now investigating.

If you want to help the family, click here.
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