Fresno County secures more than 400 beds to house homeless during COVID-19 crisis

The county collaborated with leaders at the federal, state and local levels to secure the beds.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno County's homeless population isn't excluded from 'stay at home' orders, and county leaders are doing their part to provide a location for them to shelter in place.

Fresno County Supervisor Nathan Magsig says the county was able to collaborate with leaders at the federal, state and local levels, securing almost 450 beds, since 'shelter in place' orders were issued.

Magsig said, "This plan has allowed us to move quickly and bring homeless off the street."

RH Community Builders is housing 285 people impacted by homelessness at three sites.

Executive Director Katie Wilbur said, "We were in a position where we had several locations suitable to house people in a homeless situation."

But COVID-19 brings its own set of challenges.

That's where trailers provided by FEMA add another degree of safety should someone show any symptoms of illness.

"We can take them out of an area where they're surrounded by people, monitor the individual and make sure no one else is exposed," said Wilbur.

Those individuals showing symptoms stay isolated in their trailers and meals are brought to them.

Because of the success, the county has seen in metropolitan areas like Fresno and Clovis, they'll start to see this roll out in rural areas like Huron, Selma, and Reedley.

Supervisor Magsig said, "We'll take a look at providers that already exist in the rural communities. We'll look at the facilities they have and when there's an opportunity to work with hotels we'll do that too."

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