Fresno County Migrant Education Program returns after one-year absence

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- "About 21 percent of migrant students are falling behind in academics."

This is a percentage Eddie Rodriguez says the Fresno County Migrant Education Program is working hard to lower every year.

After a one-year pause for the pandemic, they're back in action this summer, helping students in grades 3rd through 8th from multiple school districts across the Valley.

"A lot of these students are busting from Firebaugh, Huron, Tranquility," says Mrs. Sanchez. "We are talking an hour commute."

The program provides supplemental education, helping students catch up and here at Scout Island, students experience a little more.

"Also, looking at the whole student, their well-being, social and emotional, self-pride and learning about culture," Rodriguez said.

Mrs. Sanchez says there is something special about being outdoors and helping children with more than education.

"The program really made it a point to bring in a lot of high-energy teachers, support staff and the students feel it," she said.

They also provided opportunities for vaccinations, health, dental and eye care throughout the month.

Deputy Superintendent Hank Gutierrez says those checkups can make all the difference for little ones.

"We really wanted to use our federal dollars in the smartest way possible, which was to make learning fun and take resources out to students who need it most," he said.

Their goal is to be at full capacity next summer, which is seeing about 300 students throughout the two months. But this year, they are thankful they had the chance to prepare some students for their return back to school.
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