Fresno County serial shooter suspect pleads not guilty

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Jorge Gracia, 42, pleaded not guilty to several counts of assault with a deadly weapon on Friday. (KFSN)

Jorge Gracia pleaded not guilty Friday to terrorizing drivers who reported being shot at by a suspect who pulled up alongside them and fired.

It happened so fast, witnesses never had a suspect description.

The motive was unclear and it still is because Gracia is not saying much.

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"We don't have any information from him or anyone at this point to talk about why he started or why he stopped," said Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims.

A confrontation several weeks ago led to the capture of the unidentified suspect after deputies say he pulled up to another car and pointed a gun but unlike other incidents this time he did not pull the trigger.

"I think the credit does go to the CDCR correctional officer," said Mims.

An armed but off duty state correctional officer followed Gracia to a Kerman Gas Station and at gunpoint ordered him to the ground. He was driving a dark, four wheel drive Chevy truck with a crew cab. The same type frightened victims described the suspect driving.

Deputies also found a semi-automatic handgun inside the truck. Ballistic tests from the gun matched casings found at the scene of several of the random shootings.

"We were using every technology available to make sure we get a very solid prosecution on this and we make sure this person never has the opportunity to do harm to our community again," California Highway Patrol Cpt. Rob Krider.

Investigators say Gracia fired one round at each victim. But at some shooting scenes, the rounds were not recovered.
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