Shootings across city are down 36% in Fresno, new monthly report says

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- At his monthly "Crime View" news conference Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer outlined the latest trends in crime across the city.

For a city that averages one shooting a day -- violent crime in Fresno is trending downward as of late.

According to police Chief Jerry Dyer shootings across the city dropped 36% over the last month

"I cannot remember a 28 day period since I've been the police chief that where we only had 14 shootings in the city of Fresno in that time period," said Chief Dyer.

Homicides are also down across the board

In fact -- Southwest Fresno -- an area with a reputation for its elevated level of gang violence has not had a murder in six months

"This is a policing district that has historically had high rates of violent crime. That is no longer the case," Dyer said.

Captain Mark Salazar credits a shift in momentum with the area's youth for seeing a drop in crime

"When you can see the Fresno Police Department partner with Southwest Pastors, Fresno Unified, The Office of Education, Fresno EOC, Fresno Housing Authority, The Boys and Girls Club, West Fresno Resource Center...We're all linked up and working together we all know each other and our programs are complimenting each other...that's never happened before in Southwest Fresno," Captain Salazar said.

Detectives do need the public's help in solving a 6-weeks old case of man caught on security camera running over a couple with his car at an Arco station on Fresno and McKinley

Marcelino Higareda was believed to be behind the wheel and is wanted on attempted homicide after fleeing the scene

"It was very apparent he intentionally ran over both of those individuals and one of them received significant injuries so at the current time he's wanted for two counts with a deadly weapon," said Chief Dyer.

If you know where Higareda is you're asked to call Fresno Police
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