Fresno EOC Local Conservation Corps accepting applications

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno EOC's Local Conservation Corps is giving young adults a new lease on life.

Michael Novoa wasn't sure what the future had in store for him, but when he heard about Fresno EOC's local conservation corps, it sparked a new motivation.

"I hadn't finished high school because I had dropped out when I was 17," said Novoa. "Once I heard about this place, then I heard job training and I could get my diploma, I was like why not knock out 2 stones at one time?"

LCC offers paid vocational job training, giving students a second chance at finding a passion and a career.

"They don't say, go do this and don't show you," added Novoa. "They show you and you always ask questions more than one time."

Corpsmember like Michael, who lack a high school diploma, can enroll in the onsite charter school and high school graduates who join the program enroll in college classes that are offered each semester.

"Me coming back here, they gave me a second chance to relive my high school and finish," said Novoa.

From there, Corpsmembers are shown a variety of career paths, including landscaping, solar or for Michael - recycling.

"We tell employers, these are what these young people have gone through. If you want to give someone a second chance, this is a second chance or a first chance," said Patrick Turner with Fresno EOC's Employment Services.

Applications are open. You can apply here.
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