Fresno sees increase in deadly fires in 2019

ByRudy Rendon via KFSN logo
Wednesday, January 1, 2020
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Fresno sees increase in deadly fires in 2019

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- 2019 proved to be a troublesome year for firefighters in the city of Fresno.

Eight people were killed in blazes this year compared to zero in 2018 and more than 650 were displaced.

The number of structure fires were slightly lower than last year, but still totaled just under a thousand.

Many of which were of homes that were abandoned, which continues to be an issue in Fresno.

Vegetation fires have also become a problem for crews in the city, which officials say can put a significant strain on resources.

"When we're out responding to those types of incidents it takes away from our ability to respond to a life-threatening emergency where our units can make a difference or perhaps even a structure fire where we can protect someone's property," Deputy Chief Rich Cabral said.

Fire officials are once again urging residents to take proper precautions by having working smoke detectors along with good housekeeping inside and outside of the home.

Fires in 2019 caused $27 million in damages, most of which fire officials say could have been prevented.