Good Sports: Fresno Freeze return to action after two-year hiatus

FRESNO, Calif. -- After a two-year hiatus, Fresno Freeze is back competing in the Women's Premier Soccer League.

"So you have the women's professional league, which is where the U.S. national players are playing and this is the division below that," says Executive Director Kevin Botterill. "Of the 18 players going to the Olympics, six of them played in this league."

Edison High alum Abby Borchers competed for the United States Soccer Federation Developmental Academy.

She plays at Cal Berkeley now, but says Fresno Freeze keeps her in touch.

"It's all these different players coming from different colleges, different styles of play, different levels and the coaching is completely different, so it's just a different perspective that you wouldn't be able to get otherwise," she said.

Perspective like Fresno State's Robyn McCarthy, or goalkeeper Morgan Bertsch, who had professional stints in Seattle and Switzerland.

"It gets me to work with some of the new girls that are coming in and some that have already been there," McCarthy said.

"I just love the game," Bertsch said. "I went through an injury last year and am still trying to get back to the professional level."

From high school graduates to 38-year-old moms, head coach Tim Carroll says Freeze's roster is stacked with top-tier talent.

"I've looked up to them since I was young and having this opportunity to play with them is just so amazing," says Tiger Rendon.

As the team's leading scorer, Rendon helped the freeze to a 40-8-7 record since 2014.

A record these Central Valley women are proud of.

"Getting to go to games and playing at home is just a fun experience," Borchers said. "I think it's one everyone should experience in Fresno. I've never seen that level of excitement for not only girls' sports, but Fresno in general."