Fresno Police seize 10 guns after chase, detain 6 suspects

Police say the suspects are known gang members.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno police have been working tirelessly to combat the violence in the city.

And a gang sweep on Thursday led them to several guns and several suspects.

Investigators learned of known gang members in possession of weapons on Thursday afternoon.

They tracked down three cars near Friant and Highway 41.

Two vehicles were immediately pulled over by police but the third took off, leading police on a short pursuit.

The car got in a small crash during the getaway and the suspects inside were stopped by officers.

In all, Fresno police detained six people and have seized at least ten guns so far.

"The guns recovered today are going to prevent an unknown number of shootings, it's a great step forward in safety to our community members here in Fresno. We will continue to be diligent," said Fresno Police Captain Mindy Castro.
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