Bike shop thriving, moving to bigger space to meet demand

HANFORD, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fulton Cycle Works owner Darren Johnson is putting the finishing touches on his bicycle shop before opening his doors.

An array of bikes are on display; colorful seats are on the walls along with helmets. There is one for every personality.

After five moves, this place feels like home for Johnson, "This is it, we are not moving again."

Johnson moved into a bigger location in Downtown because they needed more space to meet increased demand for their customization and repair services.

"Main street is great, we love this block, it has a lot more traffic. It is just a neat little area to be in. I love downtown."

Johnson's business is the only bike shop in town. It's safe to say it's thriving, but that wasn't always the case. The bike shop got its start in Downtown Fresno, but four break-ins in less than a year pushed them out of town.

"I would actually be sleeping at night waiting for the alarm to go off, things have been a lot better since then. Things have been a lot better in Hanford."

Johnson said they had been eyeing Hanford for a second location and now his shop is adding something new to a different downtown.

"It was a skateboard shop and then it was a boutique, but it has been vacant for a few years at least."

The next step for Johnson is to stop leasing and purchase the new building.
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