Helicopter crashes in Fresno County, no injuries reported

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A pilot is back on solid ground after his helicopter crashed Saturday afternoon in Fresno County.

The accident happened around 2 PM near Clovis and Blanchard Avenues.

Mark Trinkle owns Trinkle AG Flying and was the piloting the helicopter that crashed.

He says he was spraying parts of the field and has worked on the same field in the past.

He says one area is tricky and requires him to get close to some power lines.

That's when part of the helicopter was clipped and sent him into a spin.

"At that point, I was along for the ride," Trinkle said. "It started shaking and kind of threw me towards the road, towards the north, luckily away from the power pole here."

Trinkle was able to get out of the wreckage on his own and didn't suffer any major injuries.

He walked about a half-mile home to get a trailer to help clean up.

It was a passerby who called in the incident.

Now, the helicopter is at the airport so the FAA can take a look at it.
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