'My life was in danger:' Fresno Lyft driver recalls moment he decided to fight back during robbery

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- "This person said this is the west side, you're going to get robbed because I'm robbing you," Matthew decided in seconds he was going to fight to live.

"My life was in danger. The resulting action was to protect my life," he said.

A story of survival as a Lyft driver in Fresno is now recovering at Community Regional Medical Center after being shot in west central Fresno.

"He's one of the purest people I've ever met. He doesn't have any ill intentions against anyone," said Micaela, Matthew's sister.

Matthew's been a driver with Lyft for more than two years.

Saturday was another night on the job as Matthew says he was dropping off his last rider of the night off Valentine and Shaw at around 3 a.m.

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He got tired, logged out of the app, and pulled over.

"I decided to pull over on the edge of the complex, clocked out and fell asleep," he said.

Hours later, the suspects came up to his car.

Fresno police say Matthew went to reach for the cash, but pulled a gun from under his seat and opened fire.

At least one of the suspects shot back and struck Matthew.

His sisters got the devastating call not long after he was taken to the hospital.

"This isn't going to push him back or put him down. He's going to strive from this," said Matthew's sister, Sarah.

We did reach out to Lyft about the incident.

They say while this incident didn't happen while the driver was on the app, they're ready to help law enforcement with the investigation.

According to Lyft's website, they also have a "No Weapons" policy for both riders and drivers, but Matthew says the company can do more as far as safety.

Meanwhile, through the pain of recovery, he says he doesn't wish any ill will on his attackers.

"I hope and pray they do better for their lives, and than try to take from other people," he said.

When Action News asked Matthew if he planned on driving with Lyft again he told us the company allows him to help others, and does plan to get back behind the wheel.
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