Wells Fargo to donate $20,000 to families of mass shooting victims for funeral expenses

Saturday, November 23, 2019
Wells Fargo to donate $20,000 to families of mass shooting victims for funeral expenses
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"We will not be defined by brutal slaying." The community came together Friday night to help raise funds for the families of the four men killed in Sunday's mass shooting.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- "We will not be defined by brutal slaying."

A community is coming together after a crisis.

Table after table at the Golden Palace banquet hall was filled Friday with people wanting to help the families of those devastated by Sunday's mass shooting.

"I think through this darkness and nightmare, we want to end the week with unity and leadership coming together," said Pao Yang, CEO of The Fresno Center.

Yang is using this year's thanksgiving fundraiser to raise money for the impacted families, and help lay their loved ones to rest.

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"The victims are clients of ours. We help them at the Fresno City Center," Yang said.

The event comes less than a week after the brutal backyard shooting that claimed the lives of Xy Lee, Phia Vang, Kou Xiong, Kalaxang Thao.

During the event, a representative with Wells Fargo bank announced a donation of $20,000 to the victims' families, all who were in the crowd.

Through the grief, Xy Lee's brother says he's grateful for the support.

"I appreciate the community, everybody that show love to my brother," said Khu Lee. "Without them, it would be even more difficult."

Other organizations are helping the family with additional funds while connecting them to services they may need.

"We're working with mental health services and we're going to be putting a schedule next week so members of the community and family can come to the Fresno health center and receive services," said Americorp Supervisor Cheri Cruz.

As grief-stricken family members are dealing with the loss, the gunmen remain at large.

City officials are hoping the increase in the Crime Stoppers reward money will help lead to the killers and deliver justice to the grieving families.

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"No matter where they go or how long they hide, we're going to find them," said Fresno City Councilmember Luis Chavez.

A representative with Wells Fargo tells Action News that the $20,000 donation is part of a bigger donation of $50,000 that will go toward helping various agencies that will benefit the Hmong community in Fresno.