Going out to buy groceries in Fresno? Don't forget your face mask

Fresno Mayor Lee Brand has announced face masks will be mandatory at all essential businesses and public places.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- If you plan to head outside to visit your local grocery store or pharmacy, you may be stopped at the door if you're not wearing a face mask.

Local essential businesses are now requiring customers to protect themselves and others as COVID-19 continues its spread throughout Fresno County and neighboring areas.

"We're hoping they'll embrace the opportunity to start using masks to protect the employees, mostly, now that they're going in to visit as the stores start to reopen," said Mark Standriff with the City of Fresno.

Beginning on Monday, Costco Wholesale has made it mandatory for its members and guests to wear a face covering.

According to a statement released by Costco's CEO, members and guests must wear the face covering that covers both the nose and mouth at all times while shopping at its stores.

Although Fresno Mayor Lee Brand has announced facial masks will be mandatory at all essential businesses and public places, it will not be heavily enforced by the city.

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"We're directing people to wear masks in public whether they go to businesses or just walking around in general but what that means is we're really kind of expecting voluntary compliance," said Standriff.

"There's no mandate to go out and start having mask police checking people on the street, in parking lots, and stopping them while they're pumping gas or getting out of their cars."

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