Fresno medians to get green again

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A state law enacted during the drought has eased and the City of Fresno is planning to green up its parkway medians.

During the drought, the city was only able to water the trees in the median on Van Ness Boulevard. By following state law they had to quit watering the grass. That is about to change and that is welcome news to local resident Gregory Chavarria.

"It's too dry over here, it's a real eyesore," said Chavarria.

Assistant Public Works Director Andy Bonelli says the city is planning to revive the medians in central and northwest Fresno.

"We are going to be switching to spray heads. We will be irrigating all of those and then we will also go in and do some turf management with time to get them green and get them looking good again," said Bonelli.

The medians dried up under orders from Governor Brown. But his statewide drought order expired. New state regulations allow medians that serve other purposes to be watered. Fresno City Council President Esmerelda Soria says these can be classified as recreation areas.

"They use it as kind of green space, if you come here any afternoon, evening early morning people are using it to walk their dogs, run, and so we want to bring back the green to this neighborhood," said Soria.

The work to reseed and water is expected to start once the weather cools off.
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