Only one shooter in Fresno murder of NFL player's father

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- An NFL player's father is dead and the accused killer is now on trial for murder. Leonard Greenberry was 47-years-old when he was shot to death last August.

Deontay Greenberry was just days away from opening his final season of college football when he got a call from Fresno in the middle of the night. A year later, Greenberry is now a Dallas Cowboy, and a murder trial is bringing him closer to knowing what really happened to his dad.

Deontay Greenberry's junior year at the University of Houston ended with a flurry of touchdowns and a two-point conversion in a big time bowl game comeback. The season began with a flurry of gunshots killing the wide receiver's father back home in Fresno.

"He didn't say nothing to me," said a witness to the shooting during a preliminary hearing in April. "He just started going down."

Leonard Greenberry had gone to this southwest Fresno American Legion post to celebrate his wife's birthday.

We're not allowed to show you the faces of witnesses, but they say Greenberry had an argument just before it ended. And as he left the building, Michael Johnson was waiting for him with a Glock in his hand. Police say he fired six shots. At least two of them hit Greenberry, and one hit him twice.

"The bullet entered in the left forearm, exited, and re-entered the left side of the chest," said Dr. Venu Gopal, a forensic pathologist with the Fresno County coroner's office.

Johnson's defense attorney, Mike Elder, was looking into the possibility of self-defense. A knife was found at the scene and one witness seemed to think one of Greenberry's friends might've also had a gun. But investigators found six bullet fragments at the scene and a firearm analyst couldn't find any evidence of a second shooter.

"My opinion was that they were all fired in the same firearm," said criminalist Mike Appel of the California Department of Justice.

Prosecutor Noelle Pebet rested her case Wednesday afternoon.

Elder says there are also witnesses who say Johnson left the area long before the shooting. He's facing life in prison if he's convicted.

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