Fresno PD increase presence in effort to stop traffic fatalities

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno police officers had a lot of radar guns out Friday and a plenty of eyes scanning for pedestrians taking shortcuts.

Officer Bryan Patterson and other motors officers were not out to ruin anyone's day, instead halt a growing problem.

"It's not just the pedestrians that are causing the accidents. Pedestrians in crosswalks are being hit too by cars that are failing to yield to them in the crosswalks," Patterson said.

Last year 224 pedestrians and cyclists were struck by cars and trucks. Twenty-nine people died as a result of these crashes. Officers say drivers and pedestrians are distracted and it's causing deadly results.

Fresno Police Sergeant Ritch O'Dell said, "I've seen people walk in front of me and not pay attention. They are on their phone, they are crossing, they got their head down and just keep walking. I mean that's silly. Your life depends on you seeing something going on."

The collisions are happening citywide, on many of the most traveled and busiest streets in town. During many of the crashes, officers are finding the victims were wearing dark clothes and were hard to see.

Officers say even crosswalks offer a false sense of security and many pedestrians learn this after it is too late.

The cost of jaywalking is not cheap -- the fine for walking across this street illegally is $190.
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