Fresno Police, Homeland Security make 52 arrests in massive gang operation

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- 52 arrests and 13 guns were seized over a five-day span Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer announced in a press conference detailing a massive gang operation.

The number he can't provide: the number of lives potentially saved now that dozens of gang members and firearms are off city streets.

"You can see the violence in our city subside dramatically when we put these operations on not just the week ahead but for weeks to come," he said.

The gang sweep is a product of Fresno Police, MAGEC and Homeland Security's longstanding partnership.

"We're able to work closely with them utilize technology intelligence and narrowly focus on people actively involved in gangs and possession of firearms," Dyer said. "They also provide overtime to our officers to conduct operations."

Prompted by three shootings between rival gangs, police said they needed to intervene to prevent ongoing retaliation.

37 of the arrests were known to police as active gang members with violent pasts.

"When this device is inserted to the rear of this Glock it becomes a fully automatic weapon," the police chief said.

With the seized weapons on display, Dyer discussed the dangerous modifications that have been a growing concern throughout the city and state.

"Unfortunately, these items can be obtained on the internet for low cost," he said. "And this device can be quickly assembled to be a fully automatic weapon."

While the silencer on this gun doesn't increase the firepower, it can be just as lethal.

"Making it less likely for ShotSpotter to detect, to go off and for other folks to head over and get the information to the police department," he said.

The recent uptick in gang violence and anticipation of an active summer mean there will be more operations like this in the near future.
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