Community will have say in next Fresno police chief. Take the survey here

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Members of the community will have a big say in who will take over for Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer when he retires in October.

Tuesday, the first of five community meetings was held at Starr Elementary where citizens were invited to share their thoughts on the qualities and characteristics of the future police chief.

It's also an opportunity to share the key topics that they should focus on when the person steps into the new position.

"Once we gather all these opinions we'll take that and provide it to the recruiting firm," said City of Fresno communication coordinator Jaime Sandoval. "We'll say hey this is what the folks of Fresno want so find us candidates like that."

The citizen-led public outreach campaign is initiated by Mayor Lee Brand to give Fresno residents the chance to share their opinions.

Meetings will continue through May 9.

There's also an opportunity to fill out a survey to share your comments on a future police chief. The survey is available in three languages:


  • English version

  • Spanish version

  • Hmong version
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