2 killed in central Fresno after driver tries to flee police, slams into another car

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A man trying to get away from police in central Fresno ran a red light and slammed into a vehicle in the middle of an intersection, killing both himself and the other driver.

Investigators say officers tried to pull over a vehicle for expired registration around 4:30 on Thursday afternoon at Belmont at Roeding Park, but the driver sped away.

Minutes later, that same driver crashed into a car near Palm and Clinton.

Witnesses told police the suspect's vehicle was going well over 100 miles per hour seconds before the collision sent both vehicles onto the sidewalk.

"The impact... actually sheared off the panel, tore off the wheel and the engine," said Fresno Police Lt. Bill Dooley.

The suspect has been identified as 42-year-old Fresno resident Shane Stone.

"Mr. Stone is a known gang member with an extensive criminal history going back all the way to 1991 at the age of 13 for violation of burglary and arson," said Fresno Police chief Andy Hall.

In addition to 48 arrests, Stone's history of evading officers includes a 2007 stolen car chase.

After leading police to a neighborhood near Clinton and Delno, the parolee, at the time, hid on the roof of an abandoned home where police caught him.

In December of 2010, he nearly killed another driver while running from police.

"The only thing that makes this bearable for me is that Shane Stone will not be back on our streets, will not be back to kill or injure anyone else," said Hall.

Police say after the crash, they found a loaded, fully automatic assault rifle in the trunk of Stone's vehicle.

The victim is Olin Huckabee, a Fresno man who would've celebrated his 56th birthday next week.
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