More safety training needed in schools in case of emergency, Chief Dyer says

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A police presence can be found on all of the high school and middle school campuses in Fresno.

A new expansion of the ShotSpotter technology will add 10 more schools to the 55 currently within range of gunshot detection.

"We also have all of the maps of school campuses that are within our computers in our patrol cars so our officers have immediate access to what that campus looks like, where the classrooms are at in the event of an active shooter," said Dyer.

Dyer says Fresno Unified cameras are tied into the real-time crime center so officers can quickly scan a campus, but administrators must also be prepared.

In a letter, Central Unified Superintendent Mark Sutton assured parents:

"We conduct ongoing drills and simulated emergency exercises for our staff and this training is reviewed and modified as needed."

"Social media monitoring is critical," said Chief Dyer.

Florida shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz posted photos of himself holding a gun on Instagram.

Two years ago Fresno Police tested the Beware Program which monitors online activity but the City Council voted not to fund it.

"We lost that ability because people felt that perhaps we were stepping too far but the reality is we need those tools in law enforcement if we are going to keep our students safe on campus," said Chief Dyer.

Some felt the search for keywords while monitoring social media infringed on people's rights.
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