Murder suspect, who jumped out of Fresno Police Department window, arrested

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer announced his officers, with the help of Federal Marshals, were able to track murder suspect Ibn Haqq to Sacramento-- he wouldn't reveal exactly how they did it.

"There was a significant amount of technology that we utilized as well as some very good police work."

Law enforcement officers surrounded an apartment complex in Sacramento, and just after five in the morning they spotted Haqq and his wife getting into a car and moved in.

"Detectives were able to use their vehicles in position to block the BMW that Ibn Haqq and Elvisha Davis got into, and the detectives surrounded them and took both of them into custody at gunpoint," said Dyer.

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Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer on capture of escaped murder suspect Ibn Haqq

Dyer said Haqq was verbally abusive to officers, but didn't fight. He was still wearing the handcuff he was in when he escaped from police headquarters last Friday.

Dyer explained Haqq slipped the cuff off the arm of a chair that detectives mistakenly believed was secure, when the two detectives questioning him stepped out of the interview room.

"This was an honest mistake made by two veteran detectives who were trying to do their jobs."

Both detectives were injured, hit and kicked by Haqq after they rushed in and tried to stop him from getting out a window. Dyer said from now on suspects who are being questioned will be handcuffed to secure bolts in the wall, not chairs.

Dyers is relieved Haqq was caught.

"I do want to say this has been a long few days for the Fresno Police Department, because we have exhausted just about every resource that we could think of in trying to locate Ibn Haqq."

Haqq was originally arrested for the July 5th murder of Delon Agee, who was shot 10 times. Police said the 41-year-old was an associate of Haqq's.

Court documents show Haqq has an extensive criminal record.

Haqq has been returned from Sacramento and placed in the Fresno County jail. He's facing murder charges, along with charges of assaulting police officers and escape. His wife, Elvisha Davis, is being charged as an accessory to murder.
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