Police searching for suspects that robbed Fresno mini mart at gunpoint

FRESNO, Calif. -- Detectives are using this security video to help them snatch a group of three individuals accused of shoplifting and pulling a gun on store employees at the City Wide Market at Dakota and Fruit.

"Great video very clear can clearly identify the suspects," said Lt. Mark Hudson.

A scuffle broke out near the exit and spilled outside after the store's manager confronted the individual accused of stealing candy and some chips.

This is a busy store that caters to hundreds of people a day.

The manager says they don't usually have any major problems but this recent incident is by far the worst he's seen in the 20 years his family has owned it.

In the surveillance footage you can see the momentum from the struggle caused the glass on the door to shatter.

Additional employees joined in to help but so did the other two suspects -- that's when one of them flashed a handgun.

And once that happened, officers say the crime went from being a misdemeanor theft to a robbery.

"Once somebody uses force or fear to complete a theft it turns into a robbery so all three of these suspects are facing robbery charges," Lt. Hudson said.

All three suspects fled the scene and out of camera view.

"They left on foot again we don't have identities and if the public can help us identify them and get them arrested and taken off the streets," Hudson said.

If you have information about this case, you are urged to contact Valley Crime Stoppers. You could be eligible to receive a cash reward if you provide information anonymously that leads to an arrest. To leave a tip, call 888-498-7867, or fill out the form at ABC30.com/CrimeStoppers.