Police see dramatic drop in car burglaries in Southwest and Downtown Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A dramatic drop in car burglaries across Southwest and Downtown Fresno the last couple weeks has police feeling optimistic.

Fresno Police say community events like Grizzlies games and soccer games are increasing law enforcement presence, which is reducing the number of vehicle break-ins.

"We try to not only handle the event but also the cars outside the event," said Capt. Mark Salazar. "So, we're seeing a 51 percent decrease in vehicle burglaries in downtown and that's a lot and it even feels safer."

Sergio Cortes, a longtime Downtown Fresno resident and business owner, is seeing the change, too.

"We totally see the large police presence especially on art hop nights when we have those events -- they drive around, they are on their bicycles, they walk around," Cortes told Action News. "So it's community policing I have never seen before."

Authorities say with hundreds of people walking all around the district, several officers are constantly out patrolling. However, Salazar says another contributing factor is holding those breaking into vehicles accountable.

While Omar Aura is embracing the new change, he knows it may be short lived.

"Of course we don't live in a perfect society, so unfortunately at some point the streak will probably be broken, but people just have to be mindful don't leave stuff in your car."
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