Family of man shot, killed by Fresno Police detective shed light on his mental state

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Family members of a man shot and killed by a Fresno police officer are trying to shed some light on his mental state - while searching for answers of their own.

"We would always play video games, we'd wrestle, I'd take him for little walks and stuff, you know? Just little brother stuff, you know?" said Siles Roy, Joseph Roy's older brother.

Siles Roy recalls fond memories of the time he shared with his younger brother 24-year-old Joseph Roy.

On Tuesday, a Fresno Police detective shot and killed Joseph inside the Annex Building at police headquarters in downtown Fresno.

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Authorities say Joseph somehow made his way inside the secure building and started assaulting the detective, leaving a gash on the detective's head and cuts down the side of his face.

Investigators say they're still trying to build a timeline, but know Joseph was at the Fresno County Courthouse prior to the assault.

"There was something said to make his mind alter for him to make a decision like that," Siles said.

Court records show Joseph was set to be sentenced for an assault with a deadly weapon case from June of last year. His brother says that stemmed from a fight between Joseph and another sibling.

Siles Roy says he started to see changes in Joseph after that arrest.

"He felt bad about what he did about him, or to him, I mean." Siles said.

Siles says, since then, Joseph tried seeking religious help and a week before the encounter at police headquarters, Siles says Joseph showed up to his house emotional and upset.

"He didn't seem like his normal self, you know? Normally he'd be joking and more like a caring person. He just seemed like there was something bothering him." Siles said.

Siles says he doesn't know what may have caused his brother to assault a detective, but says Joseph called several family members after court and prior to the incident.

Siles had a missed call himself.

Family members don't believe Joseph used any weapons. They say he had long finger nails and that's likely want caused some of the detective's injuries.

They're asking for people to withhold judgement until more information comes out.

Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderrama said the community could've lost a police officer during the attack and that detective had to open fire to save his life.

The Chief and Joseph Roy's family both have questions about how he got into the building in the first place.

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