Fresno 'rage room' says city is allowing it to reopen

Melissa Knight, owner of The Art of Anger, says her business allows people working on anger and rage to release it for a therapeutic reason.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Fresno business is getting ready to welcome back clients.

The owner of The Art of Anger claims she was told she could keep her rage rooms open after reaching out to the city of Fresno.

Some other business owners say they're still being forced to stay closed.

"The people I'm targeting are working on anger and rage and want to release it for a therapeutic reason," says Melissa Knight, owner of The Art of Anger.

Knight says her business is a mix of alternative mental health care and entertainment.

She calls it one-of-a-kind.

But that's also the reason she says it's hard for the city to categorize.

"As I said with my chat with the city person, we're in between. Thats why I reached out to the city to give me some clarification," says Knight.

Knight says she messaged a city employee through the 311 number, and later received a call from the City Mayor's office.

"I don't think I misunderstood. Everything I read was 'Yes, because it's alternative mental health care," she says.

However, other businesses haven't been as lucky.

Bad Axe Throwing says they've made several changes to accommodate distancing, but despite the new protocols, they've been axed from being able to open their Fresno location due to state restrictions.

"Not only are we wiping down axes, we have social distancing in place. It's a blanket approach because the state is saying all indoor recs are closed and putting us under one blanket," says Bad Axe Throwing CEO Mario Zelaya.

We reached out to the city of Fresno, and officials say, "If a business feels that it can provide necessary goods or services for the community, they are welcome to petition us for a change in their designation, if it's within our power to give."

While Bad Axe plans to stay closed until the state gives the green light, Knight plans to start bringing in clients next week, who seek relief by releasing rage.

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