Seniors at mobile home park in Madera protest rising rent

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Chanting "Senior lives matter," several residents living at a mobile home park in Madera say they were fed up with their constantly rising rent.

They protested outside of The Meadows senior facility and were joined by Madera city and county leaders.

But the company which owns the facility said it was charging fair market rent. Residents at The Meadows raised their voices in protest.

Lonnie Dominguez has lived here for 24 years but was now so worried about the rising rent, she has started to apply for senior housing.

Dominguez explained, "Well I'm not able to buy as much groceries as I need, and I do have a pet and my pet has to suffer ."

Madera City Councilmember Anita Evans was among those who lived there.

Evan said, "They have been gouging our rent. Five percent yearly. When are they going to stop?"

The residents said rent started to go up in 2014 when the property was purchased by the Kingsley Management Corporation in Provo, Utah.

We talked to the mobile home park's local management team. They did not want to appear on camera but said most residents signed five-year leases, which clearly indicated rent would go up 5% each year.

These seniors on a fixed income said it's becoming more difficult to make ends meet.

Janice Marsh said, "You can't enjoy your retirement because you're under that fear of, if you don't do what we say, we can't take your paid-for mobile home away from you."

Close to 200 people lived at The Meadows, in mobile homes which they own.

They pay to lease space. A new renter would start at $675 a month.

Account Manager Nate Nelson of the Kingsley Corporation in Utah said in a statement to Action News, "The Meadows has a contractual relationship with the residents of the Park. The relationships with the residents are governed by the contractual relationship and other governmental requirements. The Meadows is always concerned and cares for the interest of the residents of the Park."
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