Fresno Police searching for suspects after 2 injured in shooting

FRESNO, Calif. -- Fresno Police are searching for suspects involved in a shooting that sent two men to the hospital.

It all took place on Thursday afternoon at the Glass House Event Center in central Fresno off Shields and Highway 41.

Police say about 100 people were there for an after-funeral ceremony when a fight broke out ending in gunfire.

Police responded a little after three.

They say when they arrived they found two men in their mid-twenties on the floor, who had been shot.

They were quickly rushed to the hospital and are expected to survive.

Detectives say it all started as a fight inside the building, then escalated into the parking lot where according to police, multiple people possibly exchanged gunfire.

After the shooting, police say the scene was hectic and took several minutes to stabilize.

"When officers arrived it was pretty chaotic with people running through the parking lot, cars leaving, and trying to ascertain who was injured, who was not, who was a suspect and who was a victim," said Fresno Police sergeant Bob Reynolds.

At this point police are still trying to determine who was involved and don't have a suspect description.

Detectives say they're not sure if it was gang-related, but are looking into the possibility.

A stretch of Hunter Street between Effie and Clark was also closed after the shooting.

According to police, multiple people fled towards that direction and there's a possibility the suspects may have too.