Fresno mass shooting: Hmong community struggles with painful memories as new year approaches

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's the time of year where families put the finishing touches on their traditional Hmong clothing. On Monday, as many browsed for the perfect accessory or dress, they remembered those who won't be at the celebration this year.

The community was rocked by a mass shooting more than a week ago during a weekend football gathering in Fresno.

Four people died and six live with horrific memories of that shocking day.

One woman is donating her seamstress skills to the victims' families to honor the lives lost.

Cee Vue Yang works to make every handcrafted piece unique and different. She creates traditional outfits for every occasion from funerals to Hmong New Year.

"The people who are still alive... they cry a lot. And when I see the news, I cannot even see it. I used to cry with them," she says.

Houa Linda Vang, a customer at the V-Nai Mini Mall, is looking for the perfect accent piece to complete her Hmong New Year outfit.

Although the event welcomes a new year, forgetting about the pain of the past year will be a challenge, she says.

"It's really pain, it hurts everybody," she says.

Much has returned to normal in the east central Fresno neighborhood that was occupied by police officers for the past week. But a flyer Monday will be circulating in the neighborhood soon, spelling out three ways to give anonymous tips. The Crimestoppers reward is currently at $56,000.

"We need help desperately. We've got to get this thing solved. We've gotta get these shooters off the streets," says Valley Crimestoppers President Dale Mendoza.

Before the holiday, officers will again be making the rounds to remind residents, especially near the crime scene, of ways they can bring an end to the manhunt while also getting a financial incentive.

Detectives are optimistic about solving the case, but they still need more leads and evidence.

As the days pass without any arrests, more businesses and people are considering pitching in as well, so the reward could grow even more.
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