No.4 Fresno State equestrian team taking care of horses during COVID-19 campus closure

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno State's equestrian team was having a historic year before their season got cancelled.

Almost 40 horses usually fill the stalls at the student horse center, only ten remain.

The Bulldogs were chasing history, ranked 4th in the country, their highest ever team ranking. They had one final meet on their schedule before they were set to compete at the BIG 12 Conference Tournament.

"It was disappointing, we had set goals, we were on a huge upswing, we had one regular season meet left against Oklahoma State, determine Big 12 Championship," said Eric Hubbard.

Fresno State strengthened their schedule this season moving into the Big 12 conference. They finished top 10 in all four events.

"I think we were all nervous going into this conference playing these big guns, the way we bonded and all have our backs outside of the ring, the support really helped us with each other. We're completely different teams this year than we were last year," said Hailey Livingston.

When Fresno State announced they were closing campus, some of the horses went to local barns and others went home with student athletes.

Livingston is one of the Bulldogs who stayed in town and is helping take care of the remaining horses.

"One of us goes each day a week.. I always go around the same day every day because I like to keep myself on a schedule because there's nothing to do right now but clean stalls. I normally ride Q, who is also one of my personal favorites," she said.

Hailey says Q has a lot of personality.

Freshman Sara Tuck had previously taken a horse home during winter break. With the help of her trainer, they were able to transport a few horses back home to her barn two weeks ago.

"It keeps me sane, and being able to do what I love to do, and continuing to be able to that," Tuck said.

So far there hasn't been any positive COVID-19 cases in equine animals. Coach Hubbard says that they are keeping a close eye on the horses' temperament and eating habits to make sure they remain healthy.
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