$1.5 million grant supports child care services for Fresno State student-parents

The grant fully supports Fresno State student-parents who are in the process of getting their degree.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A new grant is giving Fresno State student-parents a big boost.

Many student-parents at Fresno State struggle to find child care and pay for it. Now a $1.5 million grant will help these student-parents by covering a huge portion of their childcare costs.

Jacqueline Campos is a senior at Fresno State who understands the struggle of finding childcare first hand.

"I had to wait a year before my son was approved into the center so I do understand that frustration," said Campos.

The pre-dental student works two jobs and was ready to switch to part-time because of the cost of child care.

"You don't understand the heartbreak I feel when I hear a parent find out they're qualified, but if they're working a minimum wage job they could have a family fee and that could mean taking away from food at the table for their families," said Brittney Randolph with the Fresno State Huggins Center.

The $1.5 million grant from the Department of Education is changing the game.

"It fully supports student-parents who are in the process of getting their degree, complete their degree by paying for their childcare tuition for the number of hours they need, whether they are working or going to school," added Randolph.

"When I got into the center it was just such a huge relief and something I didn't have to worry about anymore," said Campos.

The grant allows the Huggins Center to help their student-parents with the cost of child care, giving students like Jacqueline the resources they need to confidently finish college.

"Having that security of knowing that your son is in a safe place it would have been so much harder if I didn't have that aspect," said Campos.

"The expression of gratitude on their face, the words they said, it just filled my heart and let me know we're doing the right thing," said Randolph.

Through the grants funding, they hope to help at least 20 families a semester over the next four years. The grant will also allow the center to purchase much-needed health sanitation supplies like air purifiers and face shields.

It will also fund a new distance learning program for preschoolers whose parents aren't comfortable with in-person learning.
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