Fresno State sees high vaccination rate among students amid CSU requirement

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Safety has been a priority for Fresno State students this semester.

Even outside the classroom, we saw many of them still wearing masks.

87% of the students on campus have been fully vaccinated or at least received their first shot.

"87% seems like a pretty high number for a school as large as this," says Fresno State Junior Marcos Zaragoza. "I don't know. I think it's a number we should be proud of."

"I think a large majority of our students have responded, obviously with the high vaccination rate," says Associate VP of Student Health Janell Murillo. "The others, there's a tremendous amount of outreach."

Vaccine exemptions for medical or religious reasons were granted to 9% of the student body.

But 4% have not yet been vaccinated. The school has been texting and calling these students to help determine their educational future.

"I think there will be some additional, I'll say, strategies with the students who don't complete after today, relative to spring enrollment holds and other access to other campus facilities as well," says Debbie Adishian-Astone.

Among staff members at Fresno State, 69% have been vaccinated but October 27 is the deadline for union employees to be certified.

Students we talked to felt safe returning to the classroom.

"It was just nice to be back," says Senior Milca Muniz. "We've been online for a year. It was kind of tough but we're getting the hang of it."

Fresno State students were supposed to be fully vaccinated by September 30th. It is a CSU requirement. About 900 students though haven't completed the certification process.
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