Fresno toddler's painting helps raise money for healthcare workers

A Facebook fundraiser for 2-year-old budding artist Emmy Lovik has resulted in $1,100 of donations that will go towards healthcare workers battling COVID-19.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Healthcare workers on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19 have received an assist from a budding artist selling her work.

Emmy Lovik is just two years old. Her mother was surprised to discover her talent.

Perhaps it is a stroke of genius.

Emmy loved to watch the colors come to life on canvas but only recently did her mother Eryn discover Emmy's gift of creating art.

Eryn explained how her daughter started painting: "This whole quarantine that happened along with social isolation, so I was looking for things to do with her. I set up a canvas in my studio."

It was a natural thing to do.

Mom is an accomplished artist and a regular on the ArtHop scene. Her ability to create colorful scenes apparently has been passed down to Emmy.

Lovik said, "She loved it and was really good at it. She stayed within the lines and all that. Then she made number two, and another one, and another one."

Lovik thought they might be helpful in raising money for a cause so she contacted Community Regional Medical Center. The artwork depicted peace signs, crosses and hearts.

CRMC Foundation CEO Katie Zenovich said, "Being that she doesn't have a vocabulary yet, she's saying a lot. She's saying right now we need peace. She's sending love and keep that faith. It's really beautiful."

A Facebook fundraiser for her artwork resulted in $1,100 of donations.

Money raised will be used to assist staff with personal protective equipment and other needs.

Lovik said "I told her your paintings are helping people and she'll say, my paintings are helping people? One day she'll understand the magnitude of that. It's a small way but a way she can actually make a difference."

Emmy's latest art pieces are now for sale during a second fundraiser on Facebook.

Donations to CRMC start at $15.

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