Storms and fog greet Central Valley drivers traveling for the holidays

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Travelers heading to be with friends and family for Christmas are crowding Valley highways.

Traffic is getting heavier across of highways in the Central Valley, most of that is due to rush hour but holiday travelers are adding to the crowd. The biggest issues Friday were morning fog and rain throughout the day.

"So tell me where you are headed?" an Action News reporter asked a driver.

"To Sacramento, to see our grandchildren," they replied. "Going over toward Barstow. Raining all the way."

No matter where California travelers are going, rain is a likely companion. But they're sloshing ahead.

"A little wet, just started raining on us, but we're going to go to San Francisco," holiday traveler Bernard Baga said.

Some drivers said they didn't think things were too bad, but the California Highway Patrol urges caution.

"On these wet roads, slow down, increase your following distance," Shasta Tollefer with the CHP said. "It's kind of the main theme, slow down."

Fog is also a danger, especially with heavy holiday weekend traffic.

"We started out with fog, we live in the High Desert area so we started out with really dense fog," Erika Ribardiere from Lucerne Valley said. "We drove out of that and into some rain and a lot of traffic. The traffic is bad."

In case drivers need a reminder to be careful, the CHP is out in force.

"We do have a maximum enforcement weekend," Tollefer explained. "Meaning you are going to see a few more officers on the road."

The best advice comes from trucker Steve Hull. He's been six days on the road but says he's going to make it home tonight.

"You know, you just have to be patient," he said.

While wet conditions have been the issue in the Valley, the foothills and mountain areas are getting snow and fog is likely to be a problem throughout the weekend.
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