How a Fresno teen saved her mom's life seconds before a 100-feet tall tree would've crashed onto her

A young woman raced to evacuate her family after a tree got uprooted and was seconds away from falling onto their home on Thursday in Fresno.

Three homes were damaged by that one pine tree - nearly 100 feet tall - that collapsed in Central Fresno near Pine and Barton. Two will need extensive repairs to four or five of the rooms.

The woman, Amaisai Mesa, helped save her mom's life.

"I just heard this loud thump and cracking sound. I looked out the window, the tree's down. I'm screaming at my brother - 'The tree is down! the tree is down!'" she said.

Mesa was at home with her three brothers when the tree uprooted and fell onto her neighbor's home.

"We come out of the house, we get away from the power lines and we're thinking, 'This tree is going to come down'"

And they were thinking right.

Half of the tree was miraculously still standing.

As they watched, waiting to see it topple over, their mom pulled up, preparing to park in the driveway, sending the frightened 18-year-old into a major panic.

She began to yell at her mom to get out of the driveway. Her mom listened and backed out.

Within seconds, the other half of the tree collapsed right onto their home, landing at the very spot this young woman's mother would've parked her car.

"I'm thankful to God that my mom was able to get out of there," she says.

Firefighters believe weather likely played a factor.

"I'm attributing at least to the wind - how fast it's going tonight," said Fresno Fire Department Battalion Chief Tony Escobedo.

Meanwhile, Marisol Mesa is thankful for her daughter who saved her life.

"The tears are not of pain, they are of joy," she says.

And as crews worked to clean the destruction, Amasai found peace through the broken pieces left in her front yard.

"My house may be broken, my neighbor's may be broken, but my family is fine as well. We are all fine and what else could I ever ask for?"
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