What does senior year look like amid the pandemic?

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- For high school students, the senior year experience is very different amid COVID-19.

Sunnyside High School senior Citlali Lara has spent her entire senior year in distance learning.

"It's sad to see my senior year going by without me having the on-campus experience," said Lara.

Athletics and social activities have been on pause. The highlight for Lara has been hearing her team will be able to start soccer practice again.

"Soccer is my sport. I love it, and just to know I'm going to be able to get back on the field, it's a great feeling," Lara said.

Another challenge is not being able to visit campuses for a college tour.

Schools like Fresno State are thinking outside the box, offering virtual, 360 college tours.

"They still listen to our campus tour guides, so we still have that human element," said Fresno State Director of Admissions and Recruitment Phong Yang. "There's arrows on their screen, and they can basically turn it around and see the space as a 360 panoramic view."

Lara has her sights set on Fresno State this fall, but first, she hopes to enjoy a few more milestones this school year.

"I have been crossing my fingers we have a graduation because, for me, graduation is a really big one," said Lara.

She's hoping to walk across the stage to receive that diploma.

"My parents, they're really big on you cross that stage, it's like you did it we're proud of you," said Lara.

Staff at Fresno Unified say they're working to make that happen.

"It's my biggest desire to make sure she walks across that stage," said Sunnyside High School Campus Culture Director Debra Hawkins. "What that looks like and how it happens, we aren't done with the details, but we're actively talking and working on it."

Lara has plans to pursue nursing at Fresno State.
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