Fresno Unified School District focused on helping families during closure

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Day one of the Fresno Unified School District countywide school closure saw cooperation from parents and staff from curbside food pick-up to classroom clean up.

The district serves over 100,000 meals every day. At school sites across the county, parents can drive up to any school campus and pick up their student's breakfast or lunch.

"We will be extending our feeding program for as long as we can to as many people as we can," says Superintendent Robert Nelson. "Anyone now from our school households can come to our school site and request as many meals for their household."

Terrie Lizarraga is a grandparent to students at Susan B. Anthony Elementary school. She hopes the meals continue throughout the closure.

"It's going to be hard because now with everything missing on the shelves at the market, it's hard to fill it up and have to feed them breakfast and lunch," Lizarraga said.

Wednesday the district will introduce a new food-serving program aimed at consolidating school sites and hours of feeding.

Despite the free meals, not everyone is thrilled about the closure.

"It's sad," says student Jordan Lizarraga. "I miss my friends. I want to learn. It is what it is."

Terrie said she's struggling to find alternatives to keeping her grandchild safe during these times.

"Everything's closed," Terrie said. "Zoo's closed. Everything's closed. We don't even know. Probably just reading. I don't know. We have no plans yet; we weren't ready for this.

Aside from meals, medication will also be made available to students at school sites during the closure. Nurses will report to school sites Monday and Tuesday during regularly scheduled school hours.

The district has also established communication through its website and social media platforms with the goal of answering coronavirus-related questions.

"We have to flatten the curve," Nelson said.

The District will provide an update on Wednesday regarding distance learning, focusing on working with families by grade and subject area.

The District went onto encourage its 10,000 employees to continue to practice social distancing in this time.
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