Fresno woman gives birth to baby boy in local market

Thursday, December 28, 2017
Fresno woman gives birth to baby boy in local market
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A Fresno woman got more than bargains while shopping at a local market. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The El Parian Neighborhood Market and Carniceria is not a place anyone expects a baby to be born but that is what happened Tuesday night.

Store surveillance cameras show the pregnant woman walking into the store. She is shopping, but then goes to a table, and kneels.

"We had this lady here who came in to buy a soda, and then she told the cashier to call the ambulance," said store owner Issimar Sepulveda.

Store employees started calling 911 but said nobody answered.

"So then I started listening to her screaming so then I came to the carniceria and then I was like what's going on. She was right there like bending, oh my God, oh my God I am having my baby," said Sepulveda.

Within just a couple of minutes the baby came out.

"And then it happened so quickly everything happened so quickly," said Sepulveda.

Then the butcher took off his apron, and caught the baby and she cut the cord.

Sepulveda, a mother of two babies thought the child did not look right.

The baby was purple and I was like why was he purple, what's going on and I was so worried praying God oh my God, help me, for you know, for the health of this baby," said Sepulveda.

A store employee ran home to get a suction syringe to clear the baby's airway. They kept the child warm until the ambulance arrived.

Facebook postings by a store employee show the baby being by taken by paramedics.

The mother and child went to a Fresno hospital. Sepulveda is still overwhelmed by what happened in her little store.

"It is feeling the happiness but you are worried, nervous, panicked, I don't know, so many things at once.