No leads in search for missing 81-year-old Fresno woman

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The family of a missing 81-year-old Fresno woman has been waiting three weeks, and they're still hoping she will be found.

Inside this house, her family is waiting for Jane Friesen to come home. There's a setting at her place on the dining room table, but she's been gone for three weeks -- seemingly without a trace.

Susan Cameron is one of Friesen's daughters. "We were getting news on different leads almost every day for the first couple of weeks, but lately the leads are drying up, but we still know Mom's out there," said Cameron.

Friesen lived with another daughter, Melaney Shaum. She last saw her mother going out the kitchen door on July 21. She said she was going to the store. Three weeks later, Shaum is not sure what to think.

"People are constantly asking 'what can we do?' And we just don't know what to say anymore other than 'keep your eyes out,'" said Shaum. "Mom's out there someplace. Somebody's got to see her. Her and or her car. And we are just trying to keep people aware, we are still searching, we are doing all we can, and we need all the help we can get."

Friesen's son, Kevin, said his mother was independent and adventurous, and frequently took off on her own. He said, "She would feel to take day trips, and do what she wanted to do, and she enjoyed driving. So being gone for a couple of hours, going up to the foothills, going to a park somewhere -- those would be all natural things for her to do."

The family has missing posters and a Facebook site, and asking the public for help. Jane Friesen was driving a sage green colored 2006 Ford Escape, and frequently traveled the back roads of the Sierra foothills on her own.

CORRECTION: Earlier, Action News erroneously identified Jane Friesen's son as Greg. His name is Kevin.
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