Crowdfunding helps Fresno brewery expand during pandemic

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Inside Full Circle Brewing Co. in Downtown Fresno, the fermentation tanks are full of beer for craft brew enthusiasts.

"People at home are drinking our beer and people all over the state are drinking our beer. We're working on getting outside of the state. Soon, places like Nevada and beyond will start to have some Full Circle beer," said Arthur Moye, Full Circle Brewing Co. CEO.

Arthur Moye is CEO of Full Circle Brewing, a small craft brewery trying to do big things.

The beer is now in wholesale stores including Costco, Trader Joes, and Vons in California.

The reach is even more meaningful considering the pandemic has impacted many industries.

The site used to host concerts and people could enjoy a beer inside, but COVID restrictions meant no more indoor events and finding ways to keep staff on the payroll.

About 23 employees are at work.

"We had to re-purpose a lot of the people that focus on entertainment and working with local and national artist to working our full circle to go-dot-com program. So we started shipping direct to consumers all over the state. We actually have a personal delivery vehicle in the Central Valley region that will bring the beer right to your home," Moye said.

About a dozen varieties of beer are sold at any time. Their Illa lineup is popular with many customers and they recently acquired a cider brand.

Crowdfunding has helped them expand and now they're doing it again on start engine.

"We're essentially canning 24 hours a day. We have 20 hours of brew shifts every day, so we're really maxed out. So we'd like to expand our brewhouse and like to add more fermentation space so we can really get into the Southern California market and outside of California as well," Moye said.

Full Circle has been operating in Downtown Fresno for 20 years and say through the challenges like traffic and the pandemic, they keep thinking outside of the box to survive and thrive.

Since Full circle Brewing Co. launched its crowdfunding campaign, it has already seen a tremendous outpouring of support. A Valley-based company surviving and expanding thanks to its local roots.
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