2 baby girls who died without family buried in Garden of Innocence

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Once lost to the world as abandoned babies, Charity and Sally are now found alongside 115 siblings in the Garden of Innocence.

"We commit to your loves these little ones this morning. Quickened to life for so short a time," said Fresno Catholic Diocese Bishop emeritus Armando Ochoa.

Fresno's Catholic bishop emeritus led prayers for the girls at Mountain View Cemetery after their introduction to a new family made up of dozens of people who care about them.

Around the circle they went in urns, each person giving their own special sendoff, until they got to Barbara Alaimo, who gave Charity her name.

She gave the girl a big hug and wrote her a poem.

"Today is your day of hope. Today the light of eternal life will bring you the joy you so deserve," Alaimo said. "I had no problem with writing a poem because I lost a baby, actually two, through miscarriage so my heart goes out to those people."

Jack Bowen is the Boy Scout who built the urns, and he escorted them to their final resting place, the Garden where they'll be buried with toys, and covered in rose petals spread by a community that wanted them.

"We can say that these babies are abandoned no more because we claim them. We claim them as ours and we are showing them now the dignity they deserve," said Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims.
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