Many Valley businesses feeling impact of rising gas prices

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Experts say California is on track to hit new gas price records.

Consumers are feeling it at the pump.

We spoke with American Automobile Association Spokesperson Sergio Avila about what's driving the increase.

"Really, what's at the heart of this is that the price of crude oil has been really high for the last several months and that's what's really been driving the cost of gasoline," he said.

Businesses, including B and D Pest Control, are also paying the price.

"Our gas bill has gone up anywhere from $150 to $200 a week since last year," says Bob Hill.

Hill has a fleet of three cars for his company. He works out of his truck, traveling to customers' homes.

While many companies are forced to increase their rates, Hill says took the hit in another way.

He's now managing his time and distance more than ever along with some other changes.

"Well, we went from full-size trucks to midsize and smaller trucks, obviously condensing our routes where we are not traveling long distances in between houses and managing our time and distance more than before," Hill said.

We also spoke with landscapers and gardeners who say their costs have gone up more than 25 percent because of the fuel they use.

It's having a big impact on car dealerships as well.

Lithia Nissan General Manager Al Pacheco says they are aligning themselves with the demand.

"We have to provide the vehicles that consumers are looking for," he said. "With gas prices going up, again, they are looking for those four-cylinder and families, instead of those larger SUV's, they are switching over to those V6."

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