Gov. Gavin Newsom introduces Cal Fire safety app ahead of wildfire season

FRESNO, Calif. -- Governor Gavin Newsom is warning residents statewide about wildfire risk in urban communities ahead of fire season. He says wildfires don't only threaten rural regions.

Gov. Newsom was in the Bay Area Tuesday where he discussed wildfire hazards where wildland and urban developments meet.

He said 25 percent of Californians, 11 million people, live in this wildland-urban interface. 4.5 million homes are in very high-risk areas.

Just last year, more than 1,846,000 acres burned, over 22,000 structures were destroyed, and 100 lives were lost.

The Governor stressed the citizens of California must all do their part to help protect natural resources.

The Governor also introduced the new Ready for Wildfire app to help with wildfire preparation. It contains checklists with steps for taking charge of your defensible space, hardening your home, creating an evacuation plan and more.