Baked potato food truck, Get Baked 559, finds following in Fresno

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- The potato is the star of the show at the Get Baked 559 food truck.

"It's different. Once you learn what people like you kind of want to go more 'okay, let's try to do this,'" said Joseph Leo. "So we'll start off with regular loaded potatoes and do something different."

Leo is the cook and the culinary creator at Get Baked. They sell half a dozen varieties of baked potato from loaded to surf and turf.

"They're filled with three different styles of bell peppers, steak, shrimp and loaded on top of it," Leo said.

It's definitely not your average potluck baked potato.

The Esparza family runs the truck. They started a year and a half ago in their front yard and realized they had a following.

They bought their truck and started rolling around a year ago.

"We love what we do, and we love to meet new people, which we are doing every day," said Evone Esparza. "We have so many awesome people that follow us wherever we go."

Evonne says this is their full-time job and passion.

They were able to follow protocols and work through the pandemic. Lines of hungry customers can often be seen outside the truck.

"They understand, and they wait in line for our food. That means a lot because that means we are doing something right," Esparza said.

Their next venture is a k-dog, a corndog coated in panko that has a sweet and salty taste.

Get Baked's slogan is, "come hungry, leave happy," and they say Valley residents are finding themselves satisfied in every bite.

You can try the comfort food yourself. Get Baked 559 rolls through the Fresno-Clovis area Thursday through Sunday.
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