Scientists come across 'ghostly' octopus during deep sea dive in Monterey

MONTEREY, Calif. -- Just in time for Halloween, scientists exploring an underwater volcano in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary spotted something spooky.

They came across a ghostly octopus. The rarely-seen Grimpoteuthis sp., commonly known as an umbrella octopus, was almost two feet long!

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If you're thinking it looks more like a Disney character, you're right.

The Grimpoteuthis is also commonly called a "dumbo" octopus because its lateral fins look like big ears.

The scientists who spotted it couldn't contain their excitement! You can hear their enthusiastic reaction in the video shared by The Ocean Exploration Trust and NOAA.

"At first this ghostly octopus drifted past the camera on ROV Hercules flapping wing-like fins, then inverted its webbed arms, ballooning out to reveal eight rows of suckers," said the Ocean Exploration Trust.

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