Clovis culinary students make life-size gingerbread house

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- For most of us, building a 10-inch tall gingerbread house feels like an accomplishment.

But some students in Clovis have made one 10 feet tall, and they're putting the final touches on it now.

Kevin Arnett, the Culinary Director at the Institute of Technology, said advancing last year's design was key.

"It's completely decorated inside. Last year was minimalistic. This year, we went all out."

This is the second year culinary students are making a gigantic gingerbread house at the Institute of Technology in Clovis.

More than 100 students mixed together 645 eggs and 450 pounds of powdered sugar to create the semi-edible home.

You can't help but smell gingerbread all around the room but it's advised to keep your hands off.

"We don't encourage people to come and eat it or lick it because their hands have been on it," said Arnett.

There are also sensors near the doorway to detect when you pass through and automatically triggers Santa's legs.

As for building the house, students started with the frame then slathered on some royal icing. The icing was used to help stick the gingerbread cookies to the frame.

Jennifer Leyva, a culinary student who helped make the gingerbread home, says it was a group effort to make sure all the gingerbread pieces sat correctly on the home.

"We each have to have a part to make it look this good."

While the institute doesn't recommend eating their holiday masterpiece, you can check out the gingerbread house in person at Thursday night's open house from 5-7 p.m. or drop by the institute during business hours until New Year's Eve.
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